Exclusive fiction

In an effort to make this the awesomest blog on the Interwebs, I have a few pieces of SF/Fantasy that you’ll only find here. I hope you enjoy them.

Cold Shoulder: a short Young Adult (YA) story about a boy who doesn’t understand why his wormhole-device won’t work, or why he always seems to be cold no matter the temperature.

The Valhalla Catapult: a flash fiction piece about a recovery team for coffin-pods that fail to reach escape velocity enroute to the sun.

The Green Fairy: a humor/urban fantasy story about a drunken wizard seeking to get his powers back–powers which can only be summoned through awful puns and dad jokes.

Relatively Apocalyptic: a flash fiction love letter about a man who is either the last non-zombie on the planet, or a violent psychopath.

The Sanity Claus: a flash fiction piece about a cop chasing a man in a red suit–a man who kidnaps troubled married couples and gives them a bit of perspective.

Warmest Welcome: a flash fiction piece about robots colonizing Mars and the Second Coming of Christ.