So I won the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award this year, which is pretty cool. The story that won is called Homunculus, and you can read it for free on their site.

I used as much existing science as possible for this tale of rescue and adventure set on Titan, a moon of Saturn. In my original blind submission, I had footnotes to proofs of concept for things in the story like turning methane (abundant on Titan) into plastic and human powered flight with strap-on wings. One of my friends thought it read too much like a research paper with all the footnotes, but I sent it that way anyway. The editors thought they were unnecessary for folks who just wanted the adventure story.

Here, for the curious, are my original post-script notes for the story:


Notes and proofs-of-concept

  1. Tholins




  1. Quantum entanglement testing




  1. Julian Nott: flying on Titan




  1. Turning hydrocarbon gases into plastic proof-of-concept




  1. Lithium-Ion Batteries exploding:




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