Thanks, updates, and a correction

I’ve been remiss in linking to beta-readers and critiquers in some of my blog posts,  so I updated the Published, Pending, Press page today with their names and links where appropriate.

I met two of my fellow wordsmiths on a now-defunct website called Fablers, wherein we wrote themed stories each month and the guy that owned the site would send people prize money if they won the not-blind-judged vote. It doesn’t exist anymore. The guy that owned it was very kind and generous though.

Cyndi Bishop and Jim Becker are both extremely talented writers who helped me hone my skillset while Fablers did exist. Cyndi critiqued “Moonlight One,” my first pro-rate publication. Jim line-edited (he’s brutal) and critiqued an early version of “The Death of Arthur Owsley,” which has been picked up by Galaxy’s Edge.

Also, on Tuesday I received an email with an offer to publish “Bullet Catch.” It won second place in the Jim Baen Memorial contest this year, and got me admission to the International Space Development Conference next month. Baen normally only publishes the Grand prize winner, but they’ve offered–in an extremely rare gesture–to publish Bullet Catch also. I’d been looking for a home for it since the contest closed, and now it has the home I wanted.

I owe thanks to Dr. Caitlynn Taylor Iddings, a college friend who’s now a pediatrician, for sharing her experience and details regarding neuroblastoma, which were crucial to this story’s success. 

Thank you also to Bill Ledbetter, the contest administrator, for sending me the good news and for being so easy to work with.


One correction: I posted previously that “Leaders Taste Better” would appear in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 57, in April. This is not correct, and was due to a miscommunication. Issue 56 came out this month. IGMS publishes every other month, so 57 will be in June.


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