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Accepted Contracts/Pending Publications:

Sean Patrick Hazlett’s Weird World War IV will contain my story “Mea Kaua,” (“Weapon” in Hawaiian). It’s about a mercenary from an island clan in a far-future, post-nuclear war world where Artificial Superintelligences build genetically-modified flying humans, floating cities, and merpeople.



I self-published my novel, “Walk Away,” on the Kindle store. Here’s a link. I’ll put a post on the blog page about it. It’s in weird literary niche, but I think it’s good.


Weird World War III, edited by my friend Sean Patrick Hazlett and published by Baen, contains my story “No Plan Survives First Contact.” It’s about a fledgling helicopter pilot and a seasoned SF operator who crash behind enemy lines in the midst of a Russian invasion of the United States. You can buy it at, Amazon, and other places.


David Afsharirad’s The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF, Vol. 5 contains my 2018 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award winner, “Homunculus.” This is my first time being included in a “best of” anthology, and I’m honored to be in such good company. It can be found at, Amazon, and B&N, as well as a bunch of other places.


I released a collection (published July 20, 2018) that includes all my published work from 2017, a couple of previously unpublished stories, and a contest-winner from 2015. Contents of “Leaders Taste Better and Other Stories” include:

Leaders Taste Better (urban fantasy, humor)

Moonlight One (hard science fiction, mystery, space colonization)

The Death of Arthur Owsley (mystery, urban fantasy, philosophy, noir)

Game Theory (hard science fiction, flash fiction)

Gifted (hard science fiction, mystery)

Bullet Catch (hard science fiction, space colonization, space medicine)

The Green Fairy (urban fantasy, humor, dad jokes)

The Aeronaut (steampunk, military science fiction, hard science fiction)


“The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide to Mammoth Cave” is available on the Kindle store. I’ve been through every tourist-accessible section of the world’s longest cave system, starting on tours when I was little. I did the Wild Cave Tour, which is quite an adventure. I used my experiences as the backdrop for a survival thriller, in which a team is pursued through the darkness by a shadowy monster.


“Homunculus” won the grand prize in the Jim Baen Memorial contest.


Some friends and I have collaborated to write “The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide.” Each of us is taking a character through our home city or a place we’ve lived and know well. I wrote the first episode, “The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide to Louisville,” which begins the harrowing journey of Thursday Forrester across the United States.

“The Death of Arthur Owsley” was published by Galaxy’s Edge in issue 27 (July 2017).  Thank you Jim Becker for reading the first version of this, and for your awesome line-editing. Thank you Steve Dubois and Edith Maor for critiquing the second go-round.

“Bullet Catch” won second place in the Jim Baen Memorial contest this year, and got me admission to the International Space Development Conference in May. Baen normally only publishes the Grand prize winner, but they offered–in an extremely rare gesture–to publish Bullet Catch also. I owe a debt of thanks to Dr. Caitlynn Iddings for sharing her experience and details regarding neuroblastoma, which were crucial to the story’s success. It should be up on their website this year. Thanks also to David VonAllmen for catching an error in the first version of the story. You can read it for free here.

“Leaders Taste Better” appears in Issue 57 of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, which was published in June, 2017. Thank you Steve Dubois and Edith Maor for critiquing this. The Prologue is free to read, but beyond that it requires subscription ($15/year) access. If you’d like to read the first bit, or if you’re a subscriber, it is here.

“Game Theory” was published by Daily Science Fiction on May 17, 2017. It is free to read there.

“Moonlight One” took 3rd place in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future in 2016’s second quarter. The 2017 anthology, in which it is the first story, is available on Amazon. You can order it here. It will also be at all Books-a-Million stores, most Barnes & Nobles, and some indie bookstores. Thank you Cyndi Bishop for beta reading this and offering your critique.


“Gifted” won 1st place in’s 25th contest. You can read it for free here.

“The Universal Constant” won a contest on the now-defunct Fablers website. Since I didn’t sell exclusive rights to anyone, it also appears in the first and only issue of Electric Pulp.


“Flea” won 3rd place in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal’s 2013 Dead of Winter contest. You can read it for free here.


“The Dangers of Living Vicariously,” my first paid publication, won 3rd place in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal’s 2012 Dead of Winter contest. You can read it for free here.



I did my first radio interview with Robin and Larry at WOCA in Ocala, FL, to promote the upcoming release of Writers of the Future’s 33rd anthology. You can listen to it on Youtube.

Publishers Weekly cited “Moonlight One” as the standout piece in WotF 33. Their review is here.

Here is Ron Collins’ blog entry about me for the WotF 33 workshop and anthology.

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